EKOPALLKRAGEN WEST AB is situated at Ranstadverken, Häggum outside Stenstorp in Sweden.

The company was started in june 2004, in close cooperation with Almi CompanyPartner. The Ekopallkragen as a product is an entirely new invention, developed within the company. The intention was to create a product that would make the use of pallet collars more environmentally friendly, economic, ergonomic, hygienic and easy to profile.  The now ready developed Ekopallkragen fulfills all these needs with great margin.

EKOPALLKRAGEN WEST AB Ranstadverken, SE-520 50 Stenstorp Sweden 
Tel. +46 500-453012 Fax +46500-44 56 20
E-mail: info@ekopallkragen.se www.ekopallkragen.se